Paris Van Java – Bandung

Paris Van Java – Bandung

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Bandung city is one of the famous tourist destinations in West Java. On weekends, visitors from other cities come to Bandung for a vacation. One of the popular tourist destinations in Bandung is Paris Van Java Mall. Inaugurated in July 2006, the location of this mall is only a few hours from Pasteur Toll Road.

Having the same nickname as the city of Bandung, Paris Van Java offers the feel of an open-air mall. Another attraction of this mall is the concept of the building that applies Mediterranean architecture. Why does this mall attract many visitors? One of the special things about Paris Van Java Mall is its complete service. The mall offers various services, from shopping centers to entertainment, culinary, and even educational tours.

With a total shopping area of ​​4,700 square meters, this mall is filled with more than 200 tenants offering goods and services. PVJ Mall consists of four floors and each floor has a unique name. Concourse Level, Glamor Level, Resort Level, and Sky Level.

The concourse level is the name of the LG Floor. In this area, you can bring their little ones to play in the playgrounds, such as Kid X and Kidzooona. For those who want to shop for daily needs, they can visit Carrefour, one of the largest supermarkets in Indonesia.

On the UG Floor, which is called the Glamor level, you can find a Japanese chain department store, SOGO. Also available on this floor is Jonas, one of the famous photo studios in Bandung. Book fans can visit Gramedia.

Walking towards GF, or Resort Level, you can find an array of well-known fashion brands, such as Zara, MANGO, Marks & Spencer, and NIKE. A range of well-known restaurants is also available in this mall, such as Zenbu, Zuki Suki, The Duck King, KFC, and Burger King. Craving for a cup of coffee? You can stop by Starbucks Coffee.

The last floor is Sky Level, which can be considered as the entertainment center in Paris Van Java Mall. Starting from the classy CGV Blitzmegaplex cinema, Lemonade Karaoke & Cafe, to a game arena such as an ice skating rink called Gardenice, available at this mall. Last but not least, you can enjoy the green scenery by visiting the Sky Garden.

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