UPT Saraga ITB (Sarana Olahraga Ganesha)

UPT Saraga ITB (Sarana Olahraga Ganesha)

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SARAGA The development of ITB is marked by the emergence of various best ideas and thoughts for its development, Ganesha’s Sports Facilities and Ganesha’s Sasana Budaya are one of the best facilities owned by ITB. Established in 1991, Ganesa Sports Facilities or better known by the acronym Saraga has sports facilities which include Soccer Fields, Athletic Tracks, Fitness, Futsal Fields, Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, Tennis Courts and Swimming Pools (Beginner’s Swimming Pool, Olympic Swimming Pool, and swimming pool diving). The construction of the facilities was carried out in stages and was completed in 1995, the construction was intended to provide services to students, employees and the public. SABUGA In 1995, the Government made it possible to start constructing

SABUGA and in 1997 it was officially opened to support student activities and the general public. SABUGA is a forum that becomes a means of gathering inspiration and bridging academic activities in the university environment with the needs of the community in relation to science, technology, and art.

UPT SARAGA DAN SABUGA Since November 2018 the management of the SABUGA building and SARAGA facilities have been fully managed by ITB, and their management is under the Technical Implementation Unit of Saraga and Sabuga.

source: https://saraga-sabuga.itb.ac.id/en/tentang-kami

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